Lubri-Lab is recognized in many industries not only as a provider of high quality lubricants, but also as lubrication specialists.  By means of a highly trained and educated staff, we can provide a number of services to assist in your being sure the lubrication products and procedures you are using are the best for your specific application and industry.

Several of the services we offer are:

  •  Application Reviews:

    We will conduct an in-depth review of your application to determine the proper lubricant.  This includes all operational standards, any extremes conditions, current lubrication procedures and products. After, we give you our recommendations, either to reduce the quantity of lubricants or to correct a specific problem.

  • Special Formulation:

    There are situations when a standard lubricant is not capable of meeting the actual needs of the application.

    Lubri-Lab has the ability of not only identifying the special need but also developing, in most cases, the special formulation required.

    We work as a team with the client until he is completely satisfied with the results.

  • Preventive Maintenance:

    Part of a preventative maintenance program is proper analysis of oils and, in some equipment, checking soot levels in the oil. Lubri-Lab has the capability to provide assistance.

    Oil analysis gives the state of the lubricants and the wear of the components. This gives you the choice of preventive maintenance(P.M.) and minimize unplanned break down.

    Soot analysis gives the soot level in the oil. This empowers you to do the adjustment to resolve the problem.

    Lubri-Lab can help you in preventive and predictive analysis.