With improper lubrication, dust will collect and act as an abrasive causing parts to wear out at a rapid pace. Dust, heat and water are the biggest challenges for the lubrication of concrete plants.

Lubri-Lab greases actively encapsulate contaminants thus preventing them from "grinding" into bearings and other moving parts. They also have excellent water-washout properties, a wide range of operating temperatures and can reduce equipment downtime. A number of Lubri-Lab products are being used in this industry with outstanding success.

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 Blending stone with concrete mix subjects gears to a great deal of stress and pressure.  Despite theses extremes conditions, Lubri-Lab products provide the solution to protect and increase the life of gears.


Lubri-Lab products have solved heat and varnish problems encountered by many block and asphalt plants owners.

If you have a specific operating problem, contact us and we will provide you with the correct lubricant.