Our team

Lubri-Lab’s team of competent professionals take pleasure in providing efficient service in helping you meet your lubrication needs. We build trust with our clients by providing superior quality products which increase the life of equipment resulting in substantial savings. Our experienced international team can help you navigate the latest in lubrication technology to find the product that best suits your needs.

Mission, Environment & Quality

Since 1988, the primary objective of Lubri-Lab Inc., has been to improve the technology of current lubrication and to discover new technology that targets the needs of industry.  We provide solutions to many complex maintenance problems and are able to formulate customized lubricants for specific industrial needs.

Business Opportunities

Become a distributor of Lubri-Lab products.
We offer a complete range of greases, treatments, and specialized lubricants, which provide exceptional performance under all adverse conditions (high speed, load, impact, water washout, extreme temperatures and contamination).


Tribology works for you

The science et technology of the interaction between surfaces in movement. It includes the study of lubrication, friction and wear.

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