Motor oil additive, diesel fuel additive, conditioner

Motor oil additive, diesel fuel additive, conditioner.  Lubricant Lubri-Lab

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Motor oil additive, diesel fuel additive, conditioner. Lubricant Lubri-Lab EASTERN PORTLAND CEMENT CORPORATION "After seeing your very impressive demonstration, I told you that I had 2 appointments with other companies to try and resolve the lubrication problems…" PRAXAIR "For the past year we have been using your additives in our eight acetylene compressors. Prior to this we had to recondition our compressors after approximately 2 500 hours because…" The science and technology of the interaction between surfaces in movement. It includes the study of lubrication, friction and wear. Since 1988, the primary objective of Lubri-Lab Inc., has been to improve the technology of current lubrication and to discover new technology that targets the needs of industry. We provide solutions to many complex maintenance problems and are able to formulate customized lubricants for specific industrial needs. Our products are especially formulated with the goal of providing a net reduction in maintenance and operating costs, while extending the life of machinery and equipment. Lubri-Lab is an environmentally-conscious company, therefore, our products have been developed with respect for the environment and our desire to protect it. In order to satisfy a continually increasing clientele, our range of products is currently available from our facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Indonesia. Lubri-Lab's dynamic team is always seeking new challenges. Wastewater Treatment Plants Pumps, agitators, gearboxes, blowers and motors are all vital to the operations of wastewater treatment plants. Lubri-Lab lubricants provide excellent water and rust resistance (imperative in this environment) and outstanding lubrication properties.

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Water Treatment Plants Lubri-Lab has a number of products that are totally biodegradable or H1-rated, thus preventing contamination should they come in contact with water. These products provide high quality lubrication and are completely environmentally friendly. Public Works Many Public Works departments are using Lubri-Lab lubricants, allowing them to increase the life of their fleets and equipment. Our lubricants do not contain ANY heavy metals that are harmful to the environment. We invite you to review our technical data and discover what we can do for you. Long Life Anti-Rust - Protects even under water Rust Defense is a long life, anti-rust coating that provides superior protection for metals, vehicles and equipment. Oxidation Converter / Passivator PROXILAB is a coating that can be applied directly over rust to provide a protective coating... Food Equipement Grease Alimex-1 is distinguished by its exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point and perform under water washout... Polyurea Industrial Grease Polyslick is a new advance of polyurea grease. It replaces lithium and lithium complex grease because it outperforms them at high and low temperatures... Superior all Purpose Grease S 350 high performance calcium sulfonate grease is a multipurpose grease suitable for automotive, industrial and marine applications... Impact Grease Top 5 is an IMPACT grease with very tacky properties. It has excellent adhesion to metal, even under extreme water wash out conditions and high temperature...

Motor oil additive, diesel fuel additive, conditioner

Additif moteur, diesel, lubrifiant industriel engrenage moteur hydraulique

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